Uganda Torah Project
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Uganda Torah Project was a success and the Torah was delivered! Thank you for your donations!

If you are interested to continue to support the Putti Village for their ongoing needs, then please donate to the Putti Village Assistance Organization (PVAO).

Your Opportunity to Assist in Delivering the Inaguaral Sefer Torah to the Putti community, an Orthodox Jewish community in a Ugandan village

Your donation is tax-deductible and 100% of your donation will be utilized for the following:
  • Purchase Sefer Torah
  • Repair Torah to Kosher standards
  • Protective container for Torah (for transport and use in Uganda)
  • Transportation and travel costs for Torah, supplies, and personnel
  • Additional (adult/child) Jewish bags for community with items such as Hebrew books, Kippahs, Hebrew learning flash cards, Tallis, Havdallah candles
paper Torah in Aron Kodesh


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